FOSScamp Day 1

First thing of the day, the whole team gathered to organize the day and following days around a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee. Plenty of interesting things on the agenda (Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Mapillary, Debian, LibreOffice contributions but also workshops about differents topics such as WebVR, 360 cameras, …).

The goal is that everyone can learn and contribute to every topic on the agenda. Each project has it’s own project manager who organizes his/her event, and the other participants follow his/her lead during the project.

Each day is usually split in 3 parts :

  • work during the morning ;
  • break during the afternoon ;
  • and work again during the evening ;

Once the agenda was defined, we all went to have a drink in a cafeteria then eat on the nice port of Syros. During the afternoon, everyone could enjoy the nice island of Syros. Some people went for a swim and enjoy the sun !

After a nice afternoon of enjoying life, time to get to work again !

First, plans for this evening, contribution to Wikipedia with “Wiki loves maps” (lead by Nafie Shehu). Goal of the project is to add coordinates to the Wikipedia articles for Syros for which there are not coordinates yet, and add pages about points of interests in Syros which are not in Wikipedia yet. Luckily, we have people speaking Albanian, Greek, French, Dutch, English, Italian, we could then check and contribute in many languages.

After Wikipedia contribution, we enjoyed a nice and really interesting talk about Mozilla WebVR, presented by Boris Budini, a young and enthiusiastic member of Open Labs Hackerspace.

Quite a productive and interesting first day, ready for day 2 !

Tags: Debian, FOSScamp, free software, libre office, openstreetmap, syros, WikiLovesMaps