FOSScamp Day 3

This morning was really REALLY quiet … People recovered from last nights adventure !

Quiet morning, a quick lunch and time to go to work ! Goal of the afternoon and evening : Debian installer translation in Albanian. We had the pleasure to greet a new FOSSCamp attendee : Lior Kaplan, luckily, he is a member of the Debian community and told us how to download what’s needed to translate and which tool to use to ease the translation.

We split the work between every Albanian speaking attendee, meanwhile other attendees translated Debian installer in their native language. Some of us used POEdit, some used Gtranslator, and some of us went hardcore using text editor. As new Debian contributors in the beginning we found it a little bit confusing since the starting process was a bit complicated, but with the support and help of attendees that already knew Debian before, it became much easier.

Here are some links of the translations we worked on, during FOSScamp :

Since Lior has a commit access to Debian he could review and upload directly the translated files and speed up the process ! We were very lucky to have him on board.

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