FOSScamp Day 4

First plan for today, discover Syros island ! We all took the bus to go to Kini beach on the other side of Syros.

After a nice swim into the greek sea and enjoying the moring sun, we all gathered for the Debian meetup and talked about how to interact with open-source communities and what we can interact with Debian community (translation, graphic design, …) depending on the skills of everyone.

Then back to the sea to refresh ourselves and went back to Ermoupoli for lunch.

After a gargatuan lunch, back to our apartments to have a shower and then back to the regular place to attend to the OpenStreetMap meetup hosted by Jonathan Beliën.

After the meetup some people kept working on their project (Wikipedia pages about Syros in Albanian, WebVR, …).

And to end a perfect day, we all went to an open air cinema !

Tags: Debian, FOSScamp, free software, libre office, openstreetmap, syros, WikiLovesMaps