FOSScamp Day 6

Last day of FOSSCamp 2017, time to wrap things up !

Meeting at the beach to talk about this edition of FOSSCamp ; what went well, what went wrong, … I think that everyone agrees that FOSSCamp 2017 was awesome ! Everyone seemed to have a great time ! Some notes on what could be improved for the next edition :

  • Fixed venue
  • Double track (so people can choose which track they want to assist to)
  • More talks/presentations
  • Be able to submit talks/workshops before the event

Free time at the beach to enjoy the sea for the last time.

Then, as usual, back at our regular place to wrap everything up : finish the pending work and describe what we did during the week.

Then time to enjoy the Syros night life for the last time ; Without forgetting to wish an happy birthday to Anxhelo Lushka !

Thanks to Open Labs ( and Ura Design ( for this awesome event ! Special thanks to Mandrakoukos Syrianos for hosting us everyday, the warm welcoming, the delicious drinks and the WiFi connection.

Tags: Debian, FOSScamp, free software, libre office, openstreetmap, syros, WikiLovesMaps