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FOSScamp Day 6

Last day of FOSSCamp 2017, time to wrap things up !

Meeting at the beach to talk about this edition of FOSSCamp ; what went well, what went wrong, …
I think that everyone agrees that FOSSCamp 2017 was awesome ! Everyone seemed to have a great time !
Some notes on what could be improved for the next edition :
– Fixed venue
– Double track (so people can choose which track they want to assist to)
– More talks/presentations
– Be able to submit talks/workshops before the event

Free time at the beach to enjoy the sea for the last time.

Then, as usual, back at our regular place to wrap everything up : finish the pending work and describe what we did during the week.

Then time to enjoy the Syros night life for the last time ;
Without forgetting to wish an happy birthday to Anxhelo Lushka !

Thanks to OpenLabs (https://openlabs.cc/) and Ura Design (https://ura.design/) for this awesome event !
Special thanks to Mandrakoukos Syrianos for hosting us everyday, the warm welcoming, the delicious drinks and the WiFi connection.

FOSScamp Day 5

As usual, after having breakfast, we all meet at the cafeteria.
Today, we keep translating the Debian installer (and some packages) and Anxhelo Lushka showed us how to contribute with LibreOffice translation.

We then wen to visit the Industrial Museum of Ermoupoli.
Quite interesting and really impressed by all the things done, for instance, Syros produced the Enfield 8000, an electrical car from 1973 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enfield_8000).

Lunch, back to the cafeteria and back to work.

Lior is the first one to leave, the end of FOSSCamp 2017 is unfortunately near …

Great achievement, we succeeded to translate 99% of the Debian installer into Albanian language ; work is almost complete :

Thanks again for the huge help provided by Lior Kaplan.

FOSScamp Day 4

First plan for today, discover Syros island !
We all took the bus to go to Kini beach on the other side of Syros.

After a nice swim into the greek sea and enjoying the moring sun, we all gathered for the Debian meetup and talked about how to interact with open-source communities and what we can interact with Debian community (translation, graphic design, …) depending on the skills of everyone.

Then back to the sea to refresh ourselves and went back to Ermoupoli for lunch.

After a gargatuan lunch, back to our apartments to have a shower and then back to the regular place to attend to the OpenStreetMap meetup hosted by Jonathan Beliƫn.

After the meetup some people kept working on their project (Wikipedia pages about Syros in Albanian, WebVR, …).

And to end a perfect day, we all went to an open air cinema !

FOSScamp Day 3

This morning was really REALLY quiet … People recovered from last nights adventure !

Quiet morning, a quick lunch and time to go to work !
Goal of the afternoon and evening : Debian installer translation in Albanian.
We had the pleasure to greet a new FOSSCamp attendee : Lior Kaplan, luckily, he is a member of the Debian community and told us how to download what’s needed to translate and which tool to use to ease the translation.

We split the work between every Albanian speaking attendee, meanwhile other attendees translated Debian installer in their native language. Some of us used POEdit, some used Gtranslator, and some of us went hardcore using text editor.
As new Debian contributors in the beginning we found it a little bit confusing since the starting process was a bit complicated, but with the support and help of attendees that already knew Debian before, it became much easier.

Here are some links of the translations we worked on, during FOSScamp :

Since Lior has a commit access to Debian he could review and upload directly the translated files and speed up the process ! We were very lucky to have him on board.

FOSScamp Day 2

Let see what’s on the agenda today :

Andis Rado gave us a few tips about how to capture good pictures with our smartphone for Wikimedia Commons.
We then split in small teams to walk around the city of Ermoupoli to take pictures of the monuments and pointS of interest. We also enabled geolocation on our smartphones so the coordinates of the location where we took the picture is added to the picture.
Quite a productive morning, walking around the city allowed us to discover that beautiful city and some of it’s secrets.

We gathered all together to have lunch, enjoy some drinks, start uploading the pictures to Wikimedia, in a dedicated FOSScamp category and preparing the evening sessions.

Some of us went for a swim and time to go back to work already.

The first session of the evening was used to keep the work started this morning and continue to upload the pictures.

Unfortunately, the other session about Debian translation had to be postponed due to logistical issues !

We then all went for some drinks and enjoyed Ermoupoli night life !

FOSScamp Day 1

First thing of the day, the whole team gathered to organize the day and following days around a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee.
Plenty of interesting things on the agenda (Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Mapillary, Debian, LibreOffice contributions but also workshops about differents topics such as WebVR, 360 cameras, …).
The goal is that everyone can learn and contribute to every topic on the agenda. Each project has it’s own project manager who organizes his/her event, and the other participants follow his/her lead during the project.

Each day is usually split in 3 parts :
– work during the morning ;
– break during the afternoon ;
– and work again during the evening ;

Once the agenda was defined, we all went to have a drink in a cafeteria then eat on the nice port of Syros.
During the afternoon, everyone could enjoy the nice island of Syros. Some people went for a swim and enjoy the sun !

After a nice afternoon of enjoying life, time to get to work again !

First, plans for this evening, contribution to Wikipedia with “Wiki loves maps” (lead by Nafie Shehu). Goal of the project is to add coordinates to the Wikipedia articles for Syros for which there are not coordinates yet, and add pages about points of interests in Syros which are not in Wikipedia yet.
Luckily, we have people speaking Albanian, Greek, French, Dutch, English, Italian, we could then check and contribute in many languages.

After Wikipedia contribution, we enjoyed a nice and really interesting talk about Mozilla WebVR, presented by Boris Budini, a young and enthiusiastic member of OpenLabs Hackerspace.

Quite a productive and interesting first day, ready for day 2 !