FOSScamp Day 2

Let see what’s on the agenda today :

Andis Rado gave us a few tips about how to capture good pictures with our smartphone for Wikimedia Commons. We then split in small teams to walk around the city of Ermoupoli to take pictures of the monuments and pointS of interest. We also enabled geolocation on our smartphones so the coordinates of the location where we took the picture is added to the picture. Quite a productive morning, walking around the city allowed us to discover that beautiful city and some of it’s secrets.

We gathered all together to have lunch, enjoy some drinks, start uploading the pictures to Wikimedia, in a dedicated FOSScamp category and preparing the evening sessions.

Some of us went for a swim and time to go back to work already.

The first session of the evening was used to keep the work started this morning and continue to upload the pictures.

Unfortunately, the other session about Debian translation had to be postponed due to logistical issues !

We then all went for some drinks and enjoyed Ermoupoli night life !

Tags: Debian, FOSScamp, free software, libre office, openstreetmap, syros, WikiLovesMaps